Exploring the Notch

Today we headed out before the weekend crowds and drove the The Flume. This was a giant crevasse that was filled with volcanic matter that eventually wore away. The water continues to carve this flume.


The air was cooler and the water was rushing over the rocks.


This little place was called Avalanche Falls. I would not want to go over that!



I wanted to know if there were real bears in the cave. Sadly, there were not!



Mom was tuckered. Mom had a sore knee from hiking yesterday so took the short path back and we continued on.



We crossed a covered bridge.


Then entered the Wolf’s Den. It was a very tight, dark space. You could navigate through it. We were a bit apprehensive but eventually went through, TWICE!


Climbing out.


There was another exit but this one seemed better.


We stopped at the grocery on the way back to camp and saw 1.5-2lb lobster for $7.99 a pound! We had to get a lobster each. They even steamed them for us. Emmerson tried lobster but didn’t like it yet. But hi willingly helped crack them open for us and pull out the yummy lobster meat.


This is really roughing it!


After lunch we went down to Echo Lake Beach and played int he water. It is spring fed and a lovely 52F year round!


E and I braved the cold.


We did get wet but it didn’t last long. We played a for a bit and then wanted to come back for warm showers and to thaw out.

IMG_9142 IMG_9157

We had a great time in Franconia Notch State Park. We move on in the morning to Maine. We will be in Kennebunkport for a few days.

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