Kennebunkport Fun

We drove to a town called Wells just south of Kennebunkport today. We were headed to Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge but saw a sign for the Wells Estuarine Research Refuge. That sounded fun (secretly Mom had already researched about it). We checked out the visitors center and then wanted to go explore the old dairy farm. Mom wanted us to take a hike for a bit and burn off some energy.


You can see my joyous attitude pouring from my body.


A forced smile and Mom explaining that she promises the hike will be worth it.


Well, it WAS worth it! We ended on a beautiful beach filled with rocks and tidal pools. These were smaller tidal pools so we didn’t find many larger critters.



We found lots of sea weeds and kelp. We found thousands of snails and other swimming critters we couldn’t identify.


Mom totally got a thumbs up for this one!


Our shoes got wet but Mom got them all washed up and dried.



What a fun time we had looking for critters and wondering about the marine life around us. I hope to explore more tidal pools on this trip.



So the campground we are staying at offers fresh caught and steamed lobster at cost delivered to your campsite daily! Their prices were way better than any place Mom called. So of course we had to order a few. After we filled our bellies with fresh caught and steamed lobster at the campsite we headed into town. Mom was laughing hard at this sign.


We wandered Dock Square and saw the tidal difference from when we drove past this same spot earlier today. Earlier there was no water just mud visible! The tides are starting to get higher as we go north. The sun also is an enemy as we travel east. Mom is used to getting up with the sun, now that is 4:55am! ugh!



Our final pit stop of the night was Walker Point to see the vacation compound of the Bush family. The Bush family was in town for Memorial Day and there are still quite a few cars at the residence. What a lovely place to vacation for a president!





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