Sweetfields Farm and Sunflower Maze

Today we took Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie and went to Brooksville to Sweetfields Farm for a morning of fun in the HOT sun. They are hosting a huge sunflower maze, similar to a corn maze but with sunflowers! 🙂 The sunflowers in the maze were not in bloom just yet but there were several around the property that were.

It was only $8.50 for the adults and kids 3-12 were only $4.50 to get in! They have a nice little organic veggies stand at the entrance. There was not a lot of choice but the zucchini were as big as Daddy’s arm and only $1.00!!!


I really thought the sunflowers were pretty. This one had a huge beetle on it!


They had an obsticle course with big tricycles. Huge stacks of hay (straw) that you could climb up on.


We all really liked this game. It was old fashion hand pumps, sloped PVC gutters and floaty toys. You had to pump the water and race the creatures to the other side! It was so much fun!




We waited for teh hayride to come pick us up and go to the entrance to the sunflower maze. Honestly you could have walked it in less time but it was fun to take the ride.


I snuggled up with Grandma Jo and told her all about the farm.


They gave us a sheet with 8 clues on it. Whenever you go to a signpost with a number on it you had to answer the clue to figure out which way to go next. So, off we went…to have fun!


The sun was super hot but there was a nice breeze… until you entered the sunflower maze.


Emmerson refused to walk so Mommy and Daddy got exhausted quickly. It was too hot to be carrying a 30lb child. We got really stuck after clue #3 and wandered in circles and dead ends for a while. Finally, someone spotted a sign that said “Emergency Exit”. Well, that was all the clue that we needed. We headed out. I had so much fun anyway. I loved running ahead and then coming to a dead stop and screaming “DEAD END!”


They also had a chicken coop with some not so grown up chickens.


They were pretty neat to watch and talk to.


There was a HUGE play tree house. Daddy took me up for a look around. All the walls were chalkboard paint and there was tons of drawing chalk upstairs.


There was a classic snack machine too! How cool!


We came down to check out the swing.


It was super hard to stay on the swing but I had a fun time trying.


I found a bunch of spiders in this old tractor tire.


I tried to ride this old bicycle but my legs were just a bit too short.


We headed over to the craft tent to make some potted sunflower seeds.


We also dun for plastic bugs in the feeding trough.


Grandma Jo showed us the squash growing on the little bush.


I also mad a noodle necklace. They had face painting but i didn’t want that this time. We had a great time. I wish it wasn’t so hot or we would have stayed a lot longer.

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