Monarch Caterpillars

Today at the Long Center playground I found a bunch of caterpillars. I came running to Mommy screaming that I found the COOLEST THING EVER! After much nagging, MOmmy allowed me to bring three of them home.

They were nibbling on the buds of the plants.

photo 2

Mommy dumped out her water bottle and Emmerson and I picked leaves and then put in the caterpillars. I told Mommy they were Monarch caterpillars. I was right!

photo 3

We came home and cleaned out the butterfly habitat Grandma Susie had given me for my birthday last year. We put in some sticks and twigs and Mommy picked a few branches from the butterfly garden on the side of the house. We hung the cage in the garage to dry and when we got home later in the evening and checked on them… they were already starting to make their cocoons! Well, they were hanging upside down.




Since the cage was dry Mommy moved it back to my room and hung it high up so the cats don’t bother it.


Emmerson and I are having a sleepover in my room tonight to watch the change. I don’t think I can stay awake too long, I am tuckered out after such a fun day!

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