Homeschool Dinosaur World Field Trip

Today we braved the heat, mosquitos and did I mention HEAT to go to Dinosaur World. It is really my favorite place in the world!

I was being silly and got turned into a dinosaur.


The one eyed dinosaur! 🙂


We had an early fossil dig time and I found lots of cool things. I finally decided on two fossils of sea creatures and a piece of amber.


Some of my friends watched the video with me. I have always been too afraid to sit in the cave and watch. I really enjoyed the video.


We ran everywhere! We ran up and down EVERY path at least twice. We were all dripping wet with sweat and ready to call it a day after just shy of 2 hours. I was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back once the weather is a bit cooler! Which obviously won’t be for a few months.


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