The Little Red Ant

For a change of pace and to help break up the summer I am taking some First Arts Classes at the Hoffman Center at Ruth Eckard Hall. This weeks class was centered around a book called “The Little Red Ant”. It is a Mexican fable. Basic premise is the ant learning that he can be strong enough and brave enough to lift heavy things and do anything!

We read the story everyday, played games (my fav was Coyote!), painted, colored and even got to go outside and hunt for bugs!!!

Each day this week we worked on our backdrop or mural. The animals were painted separately and cut out and glued on.


We helped to make our ant crown I chose red feelers for mine, because I like to be different.


There were only 5 kids in class this week. I was the middle of the ages.


On Friday we put on a play for our parents. I was really into acting the part.


We crawled around the garden and looked for someone to help us move our crumb cakes because they were too heavy!


We called out like a coyote (el coyote).


Finally at the end we were able to lift our crumb cakes once we gained the confidence from our adventures!


I had such and amazing time.


I was sad to say goodbye to all my new friends.


I love them with all my heart.


Except these darn feelers are poking me in the eye!


I survived. Will I do it again, YES!


**Note from Mom: This is the first time Breighton has been excited this much to be in a school or social setting away from Mommy & Daddy. He loved every minute of it!

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