YMCA Kids Fishing Tournament At Wall Springs Park

Today we had a VERY long day. We started the HOT morning out at Wall Springs Park for the YMCA Kids Fishing Challenge. We got there a little early so Mommy tried to teach me how to fish, as I have NEVER done this before. I have a toy Spiderman fishing pole but I only fish from my bed.

This was an amazing deal to enter this tournament. It was only $15 and it included a fishing pole (to keep), Tackle box (to keep), t-shirt, lunch, games and other activities. As you can see in the photos the pole is REALLY nice!

Mommy baiting the first hook with squid. Doesn’t she look thrilled. She actually really had a great time, despite the heat.


After the first cast…


Mommy taught me about all of the parts of the fishing pole. In one ear… out the other!


I just wanted to reel it in. Luckily, after a few tries we caught a FISH!


I reeled and reeled. This fish was HUGE, it was hard to land!


See, HUGE! Mommy it is HUGE!


I didn’t quite know what to think of the fish.


I guess I am happy about it. Cool, it is moving all over the place.


Asking Mommy if I can keep it as a pet! Mommy said NO! 🙁 Bummer!


Soon the real tournament started. They had three categories. First caught, biggest fish and smallest fish. In my fishing slot on the pier we were on I caught the BIGGEST one! We don’t know yet if I won the overall time slot because we left early.

Here is my BIG fish!!!


It was 8 inches long!!! WOW! Most of the ones the other kids caught were about 4-5 inches. What a whopper!!


My buddy Madi was also fishing. She caught 2 fish.


It was HOT and exhausting! But we survived.


I will let everyone know this week if I did win a trophy. Either way, I had an AWESOME time! 🙂

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