Kitty Update

So no budging on the name yet. She is still “Spot-Stripy”. Mommy has taking to calling her S.S. Kitty! 🙂

Last night I tucked in at 8 and watched my kitty play from up in my bed.

I called for Mommy to bring me a sippy cup refill. Mommy wanted to know why.. I was playing RAIN with my kitty. I was sitting in my bed shaking all the water out of my sippy cup because i wanted to “teach kitty about rain!” UGH!

Finally I was super quit and Mommy & Daddy thought I was asleep until at 9:45 they heard a knock on my door and came running in thinking something was wrong. I just wanted to tell them what my kitty was doing. Finally around 10:15 I fell asleep.

I was awoken this morning by my kitty jumping up and down on the top of my tent over my bed! I don’t know how she got up there but she wasn’t supposed to be. Mommy rescued her and me! 🙂 I played quietly in my room with her for about 30 minutes and then I let out a horrible scream. Kitty turned on my radio and it was LOUD! I was terrified! Once again Daddy and Mommy to the rescue.

I am enjoying my kitty so far. I LOVE her LOTS!

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