Today, because I have been being such and awesome boy, I was able to get a new pet. This is is a pet I will have for a long time. It is MY pet, not Emmerson’s!

After nearly 2 ours at the SPCA in Largo we came home with my new kitten. She is staying in my room for a few days until we get her to the vet.

She is only 10 weeks old, born on March 31, 2009!

She has a LOT of spunk! She LOVES to play with me. She isn’t scared of all my stomping and loud noises.


I am learning to play gentle with her.


I was even nice enough to let Emmerson try to play with her for a few minutes. He was a bit rough so I kicked him out of my room.


I am SO happy!


She is so cute and cuddly.


I am still working on her name. I chose Spot-Stripy for her name but Mommy & Daddy are still trying to encourage me in different directions. I may compromise on Stripy… only time will tell.


My Kitty! 🙂


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