Fun In The Yard In The COLD!

After downtime today we worked on out Easter tree in the front yard. I liked helping Grandma Susie hang the eggs up that we had made earlier.

I helped show Emmerson how to hang them on the tree.


Grandma Susie helped me hang the high ones.


I got bored quickly and wanted to get back to digging for worms in the backyard!


Emmerson and I got all cleaned up in a warm tub. We have been getting along fantastically this trip! I actually think I like my little brother now!


We had an awesome dinner of spaghetti! I even asked for seconds! Daniel, from across the street, came over to play bugs and Littlest Pet Shop for a while. I had a fun time playing with my “summer fr friend”! Afterwards, we went to the Poland Library for Pajama Storytime. There were about 40-50 kids and I went right in the room and sat in the front row and started talking to all the older girls. I was amazingly well behaved for the 40 minutes we were there! I love story time and had only heard 3 of the 6 books the lady read! ((I read a lot of books!!))

I could barely keep my eyes open when we got home. After getting ready for bed I was asleep in five minutes! What a fun day here is Ohio!

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