Fishing, Rivers, and Playgrounds

We all went up in the attic yesterday and got the Easter baskets down. Emmerson and I had fun playing with all the Easter grass and the plastic eggs. Mommy was going crazy because the grass was EVERYWHERE!


I have invented a new game. I took the shaft of my t-ball stand, a jump rope and a plastic bucket and fashioned a “fishing pole”! I make people go to the basement and load things in the bucket and then I reel them in. It kept me entertained for over an hour this morning! So funny!


We headed out in the 40F weather to the library for story time this morning. We got there early so I threw rocks into the river behind the library for a while. This river has flooded many times. The water level can come up about 8 more feet! Amazing!


Note to Mommy, check my pockets for rocks tonight. I have a BUNCH to share with you!


We went inside to the library to find that we read the story time wrong. We thought it was 10:30 and it was actually at 10. WOOPS! Oh well. I picked out a few more books and 2 movies to watch while Emmerson naps. Then we headed to the playground at Boardman Township Park.

I still like the little kid things! I rocked for a long time!


Then I played taxi with Emmerson. I kept asking where he wanted to go and them charging him different prices based on the distance. This ride was to “over there” and cost “3 dollars!”


We went to the big kid playground so I could show Grandma Susie how I can pump on the swing all by myself now! I got distracted when I saw a tire swing. Since the girls in my class at school usually monopolize the tire swing I was excited to find it empty. I shouted out “WHO WILL PUSH ME!” Suddenly these two cute girls came running over and offered to push.


I went round and round and round. The one in the pink rode with me for a while but she got dizzy and wanted off. I am becoming quite the flirt. I was telling the girls “Hi I am Breighton Samuel and I am from Florida!” then I told them about “my Daddy, my hermit crabs and that my birthday was when i get home!” I invited them to my house! 🙂 hehe I hope they can come!


We had such a fun morning that I am going to go watch Pokemon on the DVD for a bit and relax in a quiet house. Grandma Susie and Great Grandma Barbara went to the YMCA for exercise class.

**note from mom** B is snoring VERy loudly crashed on the sofa. He only made it 10 minutes into Pokemon. BLISS!

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