Life in a Cave

We set a course for “Forbidden Caverns” in Tennessee. What a neat place. First they warn you:


Well, I don’t have $1000 or a year of my life to spare so I opted to keep my hands off the rocks. There was LOTS of mud on the ground that I kept splashing on Mommy and Daddy. they didn’t think it was as funny as I did!


Half-way through the tour I was getting cranky and crabby. Mommy looked and I was COVERED, even worse than before, with my rash! AHHHHH!


We wrapped up the tour and headed to the car to find a place with cell service so Mommy could call the doctor AGAIN! After a few attempts to got through, Mommy finally got the office to call her back.

Mommy kept talking with the nurse and going over symptoms and talking more. Finally a light must have gone off in the nurses head and she said “FIFTHs DISEASE”!!! UGH! It is also called “slapped cheek” because it looks like someone smacked you. Yup! I had all the symptoms. At least once the rash breaks out you aren’t supposed to be contagious. So off we continued towards our final destination in Ohio!

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