Great Grandma Allen’s 90th Birthday Party

We arrived in Ohio on the 4th of July. Since the hospital bills will probably going to be rather HUGE from the ER visit in Georgia we opted to skip the hotel and stay at Great Grandma’s house. Mommy, Daddy and Emmerson took one room and I took another. We got all unloaded and then drove to Pittsburgh to pick up Uncle Matt. Granny didn’t know anyone was coming let alone about the surprise party. It was fun to watch the confusion as more and more family started showing up.

We went to a nice place to eat, Harri & Jeans in Canfield. I tried to stay occupied with toys and games that Mommy brought me. But all that sitting still in the car was a bit too much for me.


Great Granny blew out her candles and managed not to spit on the cake!


We all took lots of photos.

Family shot.


Mommy & Uncle Matt with Granny


My new friend,Danielle, shared her slice of birthday cake with me.


Once she caught on to my “sharing” she took it away!!!


It was a nice little (big) party. It was nice to see that much family together again.

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