Feeling Better So Make Me Hike MORE

After a quick breakfast at the hotel we were off again. I was looking a TON better and my rash was going away.

We made a quick stop at the ranger station in the Great Smokey National Park. I bought a tube of animals and a plastic salamander.


Then we headed for another hike. This was only about a mile round-trip. But it was UPHILL and my legs hadn’t quite recovered from Stone Mountain.

I made Mommy & Daddy stop at EVERY bench. Who wants to rest for another minute?


Finally we got to the lookout tower. It was getting chilly and windy. Mommy had carried me part of the way up. I wanted NO pictures!!


I finally hit the ground running and ran to the top and then was out of go-juice.


Mommy picked me up and spun me in circles and I was all better, recharged! I liked seeing the sun rays busting through the clouds.


Giving hugs at a high elevation.


Daddy, Emmerson and I enjoying the view! Daddy’s ears were frozen!!


I found a neat looking beetle while hiking down. Probably because I was looking for another reason to stop walking for a while.


This was Mommy and me before I knocked her over and nearly off the mountain.


Our car is down there SOMEWHERE!


Almost done! Hey we made it!!! YEAH! That was fun!


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