5th of July Craziness

After the party we all hung out at Great Granny’s house.

I impressed everyone with my dragon/dinosaur roar.

People eventually got annoyed because I was SOOOO loud!


Mommy and Daddy took turns spinning me in circles in the nice soft grass.


I enjoyed a breather laying in the yard until I found the need to throw grass at Mommy! 🙂


Great Granny’s cute little house. I LOVED the front porch. I spent a LOT of time out there on vacation playing with play-doh and the kids from around the neighborhood.


It isn’t the 5th of July without fireworks, so Daddy & Uncle Matt went to get some things that go boom. Uncle Matt bought me this crazy green sticky thing. It was the highlight of my day!


Daddy launched Roman Candles.


So did Uncle Matt.


And Uncle Dan (Grandma Susie’s younger brother)


And Uncle John (Grandma Susie’s older brother)


The rest of us hung out on the porch for safety. even the neighbors came over to join the fun. I enjoyed playing with Antinette, a lady Mommy played with when she was my age!


See how we were all nice and calm.


The boys were then doing crazy things with fireworks. This was followed by “trying to shoot the parachuter out of the sky with a roman candle”.


Mommy was glad we were all safe on the porch!

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