Dentist 1: Breighton 0

So today was the big day, and according to dental opinion, a long past due day. Apparently kids should visit the dentist every six months starting when they get their first tooth! I finally have all my baby teeth in so Mommy & Daddy felt that being nearly three years old was about time.

Mommy & Daddy were super nervous because I don’t like to be restrained in any way. Cleaning my teeth and clipping my nails are battles fought only when Mommy has a LOT of patience.

So we got to the dentist “Safari of Smiles” (Mommy picked it because they have an animal theme!) up in New Port Richey. I wanted to go in and see if they had toys to play with in the lobby. NONE! But a animal cartoon was playing and that kept my attention for about 20 seconds. I liked looking at all the animals (with toothbrushes) on the walls.

Finally it was my turn and I got called back. The dental lady showed me all the “tools” and let me look around for a few minutes. Mommy sat down in the chair and I sat on her lap. The dental lady explained about x-rays and how she wanted to take a picture of my teeth and that I could look at them on the computer in a few minutes. She covered me with a heavy blanket and told me it would help keep my belly button out of the picture… because those pesky bell buttons just show up in pictures all the time!! Emmerson got to wait in the staff station while the x-rays were done. I bit down on the film and leaned back and let the elephant nose tickle my nose and beep and we were DONE! That was EASY!

Next came the cleaning. Mommy sat back in the chair and I laid on top of her as the chair tipped WAY WAY WAY back. The lady gave me a pair of neon orange star shaped sunglasses to wear so the sunlight didn’t bug my eyes. Next the dental lady put on a strawberry Ring-Pop (toothpaste holder) and tickled my teeth first with a new Power Ranger toothbrush and then with the mechanical spinning one. She showed me on my finger and I was a little scared but let her do it anyway. It was actually fun and I kept saying “thank you” as she cleaned each tooth. Mommy and the dental lady were in stitches because of my over-politeness to dental hygiene! I was all cleaned in just a few minutes then Dr. Frank came in and “counted my teeth” with the metal stick and checked for cavities.

NO cavaties! Considering how much sugar I consume, pretty surprising! But Mommy (in her sometimes failed attempts) tries to brush me fairly often (she said not as much as she would like to though). Dr. Frank said we are doing everything right. The gaps in my teeth are PERFECT for my new bigger teeth down the road. He said I probably will not need braces! 🙂 My x-rays were really neat to look at. You could see my big-kid teeth hiding out… I should get them around age 6 or 7 when I get my 6-year molars! Probably later since I was late to get my first teeth. They gave me a paste-on (since I don’t reliably spit yet) fluoride treatment and I was all done! 🙂

((Me and my rock-star look! See those pearly whites!!!))


After I was all clean and checked-out I got a goodie bag. It had a “tooth timer” (2 minute egg timer) so I know how long to brush my teeth for. There was also a new toothbrush, some dental floss (shaped like a dragon), a certificate of achievement for the visit and a token good for one toy from the machine by the check-out desk. I picked a “Spiderman Tattoo”.


So to all you parents out there delaying dental care like we did… get on the ball! 🙂 This dentist, a bit of a drive, is totally awesome! My teeth look and feel awesome!

As for the binki. They said the “Binki Fairy” should visit by or around my 3rd birthday. I have a few months and then BYE-BYE binki. They also suggested if I won’t agree to the “Binki Fairy” that Mommy snips off a little piece of the binki every few days until there is nothing left. Mommy & Daddy will have to see how this all plays out. Those may be some rough days so we will wait until I am 100% better to try this. (They tried today at nap time, I willingly gave up all the binkis in exchange for a new lego set to play with if I took a nap without the binkis… but as soon as Mommy left the room I melted down about the binki and Mommy wasn’t up for the battle today!)

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