Health-Watch 2008

So, I was perfectly fine when I woke up Sunday. I wanted to eat and drink (even milk). I was back to my old fun loving self with an edge of whiney-ness mixed in. Mommy spent Saturday enjoying the tummy ick that set in to her body. We all felt okay on Sunday morning so we went off to our planned Easter events (updates to come later with photos when everyone is rested!). We got home and about 30 minutes before bed I had a diaper explosion so big that (I was playing on the back on the sofa) it got on the window, sofa and all over ME! It was NASTY! Daddy cleaned up the mess in the living room and Mommy gave me a bath, again. I snuggled up with Daddy on the sofa after the bath to read some of my new Scooby books the Easter Bunny gave me.

I looked up and Daddy and gagged and started to throw up. Now, we aren’t sure if this was the stomach bug again or the MASS amount of SUGAR I consumed on Easter. Anyway, Mommy made a 100 yard dash for my purple bucket and met Daddy and me in the kitchen just in time for the big purge. Mommy got me cleaned up, again and Daddy cleaned the kitchen. We read another book and I got tucked into bed where I immediately puked AGAIN! Mommy got me cleaned up AGAIN and Daddy helped strip and re-sheet the bed. I went right to sleep.

Today, I am FINE. Eating normal, not too grumpy and enjoying being two again. I did have a hard time napping but Mommy got me down for a nap after a huge struggle and lots of throwing toys (at Mommy) and hitting (me hitting Mommy!).

Mommy’s tum-tum is still a wreck but she feels fine. The laundry bins are all empty!!! Mommy busted BUTT to get them so! Today alone has been 7 loads so far. Yesterday was only 4. The previous two days we surpassed the 10 load marks. Keep in mind, this is WITH limited animals sleeping in my bed until I am better. Between my vomiting/poop and Emmerson’s reflux/normal baby stuff and the germ elimination laundry(washing everything to make sure no germs remain and only using towels and hand-towels once) I think Mommy is going insane!

The carpets still need wet-vac’d but that is still back-burner until we are all 100% better, again!

Tomorrow, assuming I still feel well, I go for my first ever visit to the dentist. Please think happy thoughts on that… Mommy is super nervous that I will be a butt-head! Hopefully the dentist will appeal to my logical side and ease me into the cleaning and x-rays. Mommy is hoping they will convince me to give up the binki (like the dentist did to Daddy at this same age).

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  1. OMG…you poor family! I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through. Praying it’s all over and no more throwing up, etc. and NO MORE LAUNDRY! Get well soon.

    Aunt Wendy, Uncle John, Nick and Spencer

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