Quotes of the Day and it is only 8am

Screamed (while a binki was in my mouth) from my room before getting out of bed: “MOMMY call the “BINKI FAIRY” and tell her to come bring back my binkis!!!”

((Mommy took all but 2 binkis away at naptime yesterday! This is causing a LOT of strife!!))

While watching Curious George and eating my Scooby-Doo Mac & Cheese for breakfast: “I wish I had a swimming pool like that with all of those boats and things to play with. I am sad Mommy, I don’t have a swimming pool like that!”

((Yes, loving son, you DO indeed have nearly the same swimming pool and that EXACT boat that the boy was playing with.))

And one from Easter that Mommy nearly forgot: “I NEED to put that candy in my mouth!”

((Sweetie, you have had enough candy!))

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