Gymboree and Carwashes

Mommy and I took the mini-van to get it cleaned and detailed before the baby comes. I like the “car wash doctor” because they sell circle shaped peanut butter crackers! It takes one pack of crackers to equal the time it takes to wash the car.


Also, yesterday, for the first time in ages I was really into my Gymboree classes. My art class we were pretending it was SNOWING… using packing peanuts. I laughed and giggled at this. I think I liked it more than the rent of the kids combined!


We also did “shaving cream ice skating” again! Mommy laughed at all the toddlers stripped to diapers and rolling in the shaving cream. Mommy said she didn’t take pictures of it because she was afraid of all the shaving cream on the diapered kids!

Next was my play class. We pretended everything was “fire truck” related. Here is a shot of me and several friends riding along in the fire truck! I had a LOT of fun!


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