Please Be Warned About Spelling

Today, I demonstrated a new task at breakfast. Daddy was picking on Mommy (who was up most of the night with discomfort and what she called Braxton Hicks Contractions). Daddy said to Mommy “s-e-x will fix it!” Mommy snarled at Daddy and then I repeated over and over at the top of my lungs “S-E-X…. S-E-X…” Mommy snarled even more!

Mommy got about 3 hours sleep. She said it could have been four to four and a half if a fire engine had not gone racing down the local highway by the house. I have very keen hearing and immediately woke up and started shouting “FIRE TRUCK… WEEE_oooo_WEEEEEE_Oooooo”. That was the end of sleep because it was “DAYTIME MOMMY DAYTIME… FLY ME DOWN!!!!!” Mommy growled at the clock… 6:15. UGH! Normally I can play quietly for about an hour…. not today!

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