Last few days as an only child…

So we are in the home stretch and this is my last weekend as an only child. Mommy and Daddy wanted to do something special for me today because tomorrow Grandma Susie is watching me for most of the day. This was the last real day for a family of three outing! We ended up leaving the house around 8am and heading to Clearwater Beach, isn’t that were everyone goes in mid-January? I was excited…. very excited! I was jumping around the house screaming “BEACH BEACH BEACH… YEAH We Going to the BEACH!!!!”

Daddy helping me with my sand toys as we built a few small castles.


I was in high gear and running practically the entire time we were there!


Daddy showed me how to make “sand angels” since snow angels were pretty much out of the question.


I decided I was a wrecking crew and knocked over all the sandcastles Daddy had built for me!


Mommy sat still too long and Daddy and I buried her feet in the sand!


Then I wanted to go see the “ocean!” Mommy explained it is the Gulf of Mexico but I didn’t care! Daddy took me down to the water, rather I took Daddy! The water was a bit chilly but that didn’t bother me!


JUMP when the waves come!!! See I CAN jump now!!!!


Soaking wet after the waves and taking a breather in the sand.


“HELP the waves are chasing me!!!”


High gear run with hands full of sand toys.


Daddy and I braving the cold water. Those waves weren’t TOO big but were wet and cold!


All done in the water.. My “Cheesy cheesy cheese” smile.


We got all cleaned up and ran a few errands and then went to Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill for lunch. I LOVE there calamari!


Home now for a nap and then more fun this afternoon.

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