Chocolate Cake Meltdowns

A large portion of my day today was spent playing “picnic” with Mommy or Mommy and Daddy! Last night at Target I acquired two lunch boxes (a frog and a monkey) and we have packed them with snacks from my play kitchen toys. Mommy spread out a picnic blanket (a monkey blanket I got from Grandma Susie for Christmas) and we went on a picnic full of bugs and avocados. Daddy thought it would be fun to make a cake tonight (I was showing him my play bundt pan and it sparked the idea).

After work Daddy got all the ingredients ready and then I came out and helped measure, mix and lick (everything I could get my hands on…. sugar, chocolate and more of the done mixture). Mommy buttered and floured the cake pans and my small bunt pan, too! I did a super job helping and cleaning up. Daddy poured the mixture into the pans and then went to put them in the oven. I LOST IT!

TEARS like you have never seen before. My screaming “DON’T COOK MY CAKE!!!!” and “NOT THE OVEN!!!!”. Mommy and Daddy tried to explain it wasn’t cake until it was cooked. My tears turned into me jumping up and down screaming and crying. Finally Mommy distracted my with play-doh and Daddy put everything in the oven. Things were fine then. (Although Daddy worried the neighbors were going to call the police fearing Mommy and Daddy were trying to stuff me in the oven!!)

I polished off my entire little cake after dinner tonight. Then I told Mommy & Daddy I had a tummy ache and let out a rather large burp! All boy! hehe

—in other news—

Mommy is still hanging tough with baby #2. Less than a week to go!

My emotions have been off this week. I am feeling a bit under the weather but I will survive. I spent most of my Gymboree class today under a table in the corner.

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