Weekend Walking Fun and Tears

This past Saturday we opted for a trip to Ikea in the morning. Daddy wanted to buy a few bookshelves for the baby room since storage is an issue in there. Well, because I was a super well behaved boy Mommy and Daddy took me to EPCOT for the rest of the day.

Here is Mommy 38.5 weeks preggers with baby brother. Mommy walked the ENTIRE world and beyond.

I wanted to go on the “Energy” ride with the dinosaurs and was really happy because the line was short. After about 2 minutes in line I changed my mind and insisted that I go sit in the stroller.

I spent most of my day in the stroller. I just wanted to observe rather than run around. We stopped at every “KiDCot” stop and I collected items from all the countries. I really enjoyed doing this. But I was over the camera and just wanted to hide from it. Finally after MUCH coaxing, I peaked over my hat. Mommy said it is okay to tell that I didn’t want my picture taken because I had on no pants! Just a shirt and a diaper. I had a small accident landing me in wet pants at the end of the afternoon so Mommy just stripped me and said “ahhh, he is a kid!”

Than a big laugh!! I felt better about the pantless thing.

All I wanted to do all day was to ride the “rollercoaster” aka monorail. We waited in line for a bit and finally were able to ride up front.

I LOVED watching out the front window. I kept yelling there were rhinos on the train tracks. REALLY LOUD!

Is this genuine concern that we will hit a rhino? or me turning to Daddy because he finally said “SHHHHHH!”

There goes monorail YELLOW!

I had a LOT of fun on the monorail!

After our ride we loaded in the car and went to Downtown Disney to wander more and shop a little. I really was eager to play at the play place at the Lego store. There were a LOT of kids so Mommy stood close to make sure I was okay. I don’t like slides too much but I do love closing and opening the big windows at the top of the play center.

I was having a LOF of fun…

UNTIL! This really mean (probably 5-6 year old) girl slammed the window and told me “NO stop doing that!” and then I thought for a moment and started to BURST into tears! Mommy met me at the ladder and “flew me down” to the ground.

No one has ever been mean to me like that before and I wasn’t sure what t think of it. Plus it was PAST nap time so I was even more sensitive.

As we walked away I shook my finger at the girl and said “That’s NOT NICE!!!!!! NOT NICE!!!!”

Mommy & Daddy comforted me for a bit and then I was ready to SHOP! I picked out a few little things to spend my gift card on and then we headed for lunch.

I saw this while eating lunch. Daddy has to build it for me from my new tinker toys. WOW!

I didn’t want lunch, just milk. And of course one of my new “friends”, a piggy bank from Ikea!

All in all it was a fun day. I took a 20 minute nap (only because Mommy wouldn’t let me sleep longer) on the way home. We got home, read a story and I went to bed.

Update:Daddy just reminded me we stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way home and I picked out three “Scooby-Doo” books to read. I’ve been having them read to me almost non-stop the past few days…. Hang on… Daddy wants me to say that two of the books are a nice short length – about 20 pages and only take about 5-10 minutes to read but one of them is closer to 50 pages and takes a good 10-15 minutes to read. Apparently Daddy wants to warn all my support system to be wary if you come over for a short visit about agreeing to read a Scooby-Doo book!

I certainly hope we can keep moving like this once baby brother gets here!

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