Busy Day So Far

Today I slept in until about 7:40 and then was up and ready o go on a day of adventures! Mommy, Grandma Susie and I went to breakfast and then down to the Clearwater Fire Station for a open house! At first I was very excited to see all the fire trucks.

Here is Mommy and me inside one of the BIG trucks!


Then I found out I wasn’t allowed to TOUCH anything! All those buttons, switches, knobs and gadgets and I had to sit with my hands in my lap! YEAH RIGHT!!!!!


I touched a few things before Mommy scooped me up and held me the rest of the visit.


I did get a grab bag full of goodies to play with, including a rubber yellow fireperson ducky, some cool necklaces and a few other fun things!

Then we were OFF! OFF to Target to get a birthday card for cousin Zac and then to his first birthday party. I had a wonderful time playing on the swings.

I just recently discovered that I could lay on them and swing!!!


I went up and down the slides.


Found a water fountain that Mommy said was ICKY and wouldn’t let me play in or drink from. She opted for bottled water instead! 🙂


I was completely exhausted and drippy wet to the core from all the running around I did. I don’t think I sat still (except to eat a few bites of chicken, watermelon and cake) for the entire two hours we were there! I had fun playing with Cousin Nick as we ran all over the place together. Next year maybe Zac will be able to run and play too!

Now off to refuse to take a nap and be a miserable bugger the rest of the day. Mommy doesn’t like it when I don’t nap!

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