Oktoberfest- 4 years ago Mommy and Daddy met!

Mommy & Daddy took me to Dunedin’s Oktoberfest tonight. Mommy and Daddy came to this same town fair in October 10, 2003 on their first date (non-date?) so it has special memories for them. Mostly Mommy getting sick from all the spinning rides! I had a spectacular time at the fair. It was really nice because it was the first night and it was dead there. There were just a few people when we got there so there were no lines for anything! First I went into the “fun house”. Why it is called that is completely beyond me. It was NOT fun at all. I was crying through the entire thing. We walked around for a bit and then I decided I wanted to play the “pick a ducky from the pond and win a prize” game. I won a prize but had a really had time picking which one I wanted. Finally, after some help from Daddy & Mommy I chose a stuffed butterfly. Then I wanted to ride the “truck ride”. I chose the orange butterfly truck and Mommy helped get my all buckled in.

Then I went round and round. I really enjoyed the ride. We came back several times and I also rode in the “mouse truck” and the “dragon truck”.


Between my truck rides I wanted badly to ride the “alligator roller coaster”. After ensuring that there were adequate safety harnesses Mommy buckled me in to the alligator. I was VERY excited, until the ride jerked forward and started whizzing around the track super fast. Thank goodness I was the only one on the ride and Mommy convinced the ride operator to stop it after just three laps. I got off and was completely scared and Mommy & Daddy comforted me. We quickly walked away from the alligator horror. Then I got to fish for SHARKS! I was super awesome at this game. I even caught FOUR sharks at one time!!! The nice lady running the game said (after I won tree times and traded up for a bigger Nemo fish) that I could just play for a few minutes for free. I had to try out every fishing pole since I am not good at making decisions (I get it from both Mommy & Daddy). Afterwards I really wanted to go on the merry-go-round but it was broken. The ferris wheel caught my eye but I was a bit too scared to try it out because of the height. Mommy said we can come back and try that another time, maybe when I am a bit older. We went to play the “water squirt game” but it was broken so the lady said I could just have the prize(a squishy yellow bear) and we went off to ride the trucks some more.

I had a wonderful time with Mommy & Daddy tonight. I can’t wait until I am older and a bit less scared so I can try some of the other rides.

I am happy that Mommy & Daddy went out on more dates and got married. I love my parents a lot!

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