Oh dear… Not a good day…

Well, mommy and daddy were right. Yesterday I slept in until 9 am. (Yes. Me. The one who wakes up before dawn on a regular basis.) I had a 101 fever when I woke up but it was gone within a half hour. Mommy and Daddy decided to be safe and scheduled a doctors appointment for this morning. Yesterday afternoon I took a *long* nap (from 1:45 pm to about 5 pm). I *never* take long naps so mommy and daddy were a bit concerned. I got up from my nap and had a few bites of food but didn’t want to do anything but cuddle on the sofa and watch TV with mommy and daddy. Definitely not my normal self. You all know that normally I’m bouncing around exploring, learning, playing — instead I was lethargic, tired, sad, and pitiful.

So, this morning my doctor appointment rolled around. Turns out there’s a reason I’ve been off. My cough (which actually seemed to be getting better — at least I thought so) has turned into pneumonia. Not a bad case. Mommy and daddy got it caught early so I should recover quickly. But still, not fun! I get to be on Omnicef for a while 🙁

No play with my friends for me in the next few days 🙁 I miss you guys!

Well, I need to head with mommy to go get my ‘scrip. TTYL.

2 thoughts on “Oh dear… Not a good day…”

  1. Sorry lil’ bugger. I don’t like to see you sick. But with Mommy with Bronchitis and Daddy hacking also, it will be a long week!

    Feel better so we can go see Mickey Mouse!

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