First Sign Of The Apocolypse

At least that is what Mommy is calling it. Lately my behavior has been sub-par. I have not liked anything that I do. I am constantly challenging everything my parents ask. I REFUSE to get my nails trimmed, teeth brushed and sometimes even eat! Somehow Mommy said that I turned into a teenager overnight! I don’t know what bugs me, just something does. Terrible twos? Maybe!? I am overly aggressive towards other kids and if I don’t push or poke at them I drop to my knees and try to steamroller or plow them down. Not your typical sweet little (big) Breighton that everyone is used to!

Well, last night after my bath we went into my room to read some Halloween books. After one book I announced ” I NEED to brush my teeth!” Mommy just looked at me in confusion because I HATE brushing my teeth. I would rather have all my toys taken away! I brushed and then INSISTED that I have a sticker (the reward system Mommy put in place ages ago that I have completely ignored). I got my sticker and went happily back to my room to read more with Daddy. I struggled getting to sleep and was up a few times in the night.

At 5:45 I opened my bedroom door. Mommy shot out of bed (completely exhausted) and laid in the bottom bed with me for a while until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She said that I poked her head a hundred times and asked “what’s this??” about everything in my room before she finally gave up and told me to turn the light on and play! Once the light was on I gave Mommy strict orders ” Clean diaper please, brush my teeth please, sippy cup please!” Like a well trained parents, she obliged. This went on until just before 8am when I got up and opened and then closed my door and managed to set off the alarm again. Daddy took care of that, AGAIN! I cowered in my lower bed until Mommy told me everything was okay.

I went to visit Miss Jamie (Ethan’s Mommy) and her new little baby, Lucas. I was super with the baby. He is really neat! I insisted that Miss Jamie “put him away”. Then I decided that I needed to pick up some of Ethan’s toys. I can’t stand stuff not in its place lately. So Mommy helped as we did a quick tidy up of Ethan’s room to help out Miss Jamie. Then we headed to the library. I was a total angel at story time. I did everything the teacher asked me to do. One little boy hit me (twice) and instead of hitting back I just took a step to the side and kept of doing the dance we were all doing! I told Mommy we couldn’t check out books unless Daddy was with us so we came home for lunch.

I finished my lunch and told Mommy that I needed to wash my hands, then brush my teeth (again), then potty (which I actually did!!!!! I haven’t touched the potty in months!) and then wash my hands again! So is the world ending soon? Probably not because it is nap time and I am still banging away at the walls nearly 30 minutes after Mommy put me down. I need to take a good nap because I am going to dinner with the family for Great Grandpa Reed’s birthday.

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