A day in my pool….

I finally got to use my new pool this weekend. Mommy, Daddy and I had a blast playing outside.

I had a wonderful time playing in my pool and splashing water all over.


Mommy blew bubbles for me. It made me giggle!


I enjoyed blowing bubbles myself. But I refused to hold the bubble making stick, Mommy had to do it for me!


I picked a few flowers for Mommy. Aren’t I a cutie???


I played with my Crayola Sidewalk Paint. I like to make splatter stars all over!



Then I painted Mommy and myself! Hands first…


Then nose and ears.


Silly me! 🙂


I really enjoyed my afternoon in the backyard.

Apart from lots of playing and cleaning up the house, I really had a nice relaxing weekend. Mommy is starting to feel better. Her temporary crown is rubbing her gums and making it a bit uncomfy for her, she will go to the dentist again tomorrow to have this addressed. I like spending time with my parents on the weekends. Daddy always cooks a nice french toast breakfast and this weekend he made donuts too! YUMMY!

Off to bed and ready to start a new week.

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