Three Little Pigs

My new obsession! Totally head over heals for the three little pigs. I make Mommy & Daddy tell me the story a zillion times a day (is a zillion a lot? if not a zillion plus one!). Mommy even draws the story out on my magna-doodle toy and then erases the houses as the wolf blows them over (so smart Mommy!). Well with a new obsession comes downfalls for parents, right? Maybe!?

So I have pretty much stopped saying “NO”, not that I said it to terribly often anyway. Now I say “Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin chin!” Mommy & Daddy think it is too cute. It keeps me out of trouble because how can you be mad at someone what says “Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin chin”. I throw in an extra chin normally!

Mommy has to help me scare away the ‘big bad wolf” too. Quite often I see him in my room with a pack of hyenas! Mommy thinks I am nuts… I think I am just creative!

Daddy has an audio clip of my new phrase and will post it when he gets off his duff and gets around to it. He has been ultra busy with work this week and in the evenings doing stuff for the HOA and Grandma/Grandpa (who just got back from vacation!)

So Daddy, CHOP CHOP! Let’s hear my cute-ness!

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