Randomness Updated

Okay Mommy had been bad about blogging lately. TWO weekends ago I went to Cousin Nick’s for his 4th birthday party! The bigger kids played on the water slide and us toddlers hung out in the kiddie-pool! I had a wonderful time.

So much fun that the next day I INSISTED that Daddy buy me a “swimmin’ pool” for the backyard. I have yet to play in the new pool but will do so soon, Mommy promised!

When we were at the toy store looking for pools Daddy saw that Legos were all buy 2 get one free. Well, since Legos NEVER seem to go on sale, Daddy bought… a LOT! I have spent many night in the last few weeks enjoying my Legos. I have only got to open three sets so far, fire station, airplane and a really neat motorized ferris wheel. Mommy and Daddy do a great job building with me (for me). I enjoy playing and breaking them apart and watching Mommy have to figure how to put them together again!

Mommy and Daddy spent the last weekend re-doing the closets in the baby’s room and their bedroom. They came out really nice (considering the closets are really small!). There is much more storage space now and I think everyone is happy with them. I got to play with Grandma Susie while Mommy and Daddy worked so I was happy too.

Mommy is a bit under the weather this week. She has a bad sinus issue and then over the weekend managed to break a tooth. She is really grumpy because she can’t take any medicine to help her feel better since she is pregnant. Poor Mommy. She goes in, finally, on Thursday to have the tooth fixed and crowned. She is not looking forward to dental surgery but knows that the pain will go away and that will make her less unhappy.

My moods have improved a bit and I actually made it through an entire music class today at Gymboree. GO ME! I guess I should listen to Mommy every now and then. But then again, that is overrated! Aren’t kids supposed to torment their parents any way they can???

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