Destination… BEACH!

Okay so the Florida weather is cooling off just enough to actually enjoy the beach, but only before 11am. Last Sunday Mommy, Daddy and I made a trip out to Clearwater Beach (main beach) to walk around and stretch my legs. I really like the playground at Pier 60 but once I got bored with it we headed to the big sandy beach. I crawled around in the tire tracks from the beachcomber and tried to erase them all. Normally I want NOTHING to do with the water but today was a LOT different!

I found a LOT of pretty shells and shared them all with Mommy.


I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the waves…


But they did make me laugh…


I laughed so hard I fell over and a wave splashed me!!!


Make that TWO waves…


Okay, THREE!


I finally got back to shore and faced the waves and told them “LEAVE B. B. ALONE!”


Then I relaxed on the sand where the waves weren’t so rough and enjoyed the beach a bit more!


Mommy had heard about taking baby powder to the beach to get the sand off. WOW that worked WONDERS! A little powder dried up all the moisture and sand and it all fell right off with a quick brush of the towel. Great tip!

I really enjoyed my day at the beach and I can’t wait to go back soon!

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