Dude… I need a grow light….

The past few nights I’ve asked mommy and daddy to leave the light on in my room when I sleep. I already have a nightlight, but I want on the big overhead light. I’m very nice about asking. I usually say “make bb very happy please. leave on light”. So mom and dad have been nice enough to generally listen (although I’m convinced they sneak in after I’m asleep and turn it out.) If it’s out when I wake up in the middle of the night, I turn it back on.

Well, mommy finally asked me why I want my light on. She probably thought I was scared of the dark (and in fact, still thinks that’s the *real* reason). I told her that “BB need light to grow”. Mommy scratched her head for a moment and then remembered the book we read about reptiles. While reading that book mommy talked about how reptiles, when kept as pets or in a zoo, get special lights that keep them warm and help them grow. She told me I get all the light I need from being outside and that I’m not a reptile!

Well, I still think I need a light to grow. After all, if it’s good for the reptiles then it should be good for me in my cave/cage! (Daddy wants to remind readers before they scramble for the phone to call DCF that I don’t actually sleep in a cave [or cage] – I sleep in my own bed in my own room. The bed has an open-ended fabric arch that creates a “tunnel” with the opening going from the head of by bed about half-way down to the foot of my bed. The “tunnel” arches from one side of the bed to the other and the two sides secure to each other under the mattress. I like to hang a blanket on each open end [leaving enough room for air flow] to create an enclosed cave/cage!)

So, since I need to grow and mommy and daddy keep turning off the overhead light, anyone got a spare grow light for me???

Also, anyone got any more ideas of what other logical (and cute) justifications I can use rather than saying (I *insist* falsely) that I’m scared of the dark???


So, we sat down for dinner and daddy decided to light the candles (you know – the ones on the table that make a “candlelight” dinner). I
saw them and started signing Happy Birthday to “mommy daddy and me”.
Mommy and daddy think I am a cutie… (and that we need to eat dinner by candlelight more often)


Well, before all the DRAMA of this evening, I was having a grand old time. I have been giggly all day and just in a goofy mood. Most of the evening consisted of me bouncing on the sofa and trying to do headstands on Mommy’s tummy. For someone who has a serious respiratory issue you would think I would be acting sick. NOT ME! I don’t know how to act sick, I know how to be a goofball! I even flipped over my recliner chair and pretended to be a hermit-crab…. soooo me!

Well, at my first bath tonight…

Lately, when Mommy starts the water in the tub I have to go pee. I refuse to do it on the potty so Mommy has just gotten used to cleaning the tub really well. Tonight I grabbed onto my winky and pretended to be a fire hose. I kept saying things like “raise the ladder”, “the wall is on fire”, “put out the fire”, and making all sorts of water squirting hose noises. Meanwhile, I managed to soak the walls and most of the tub… apparently I had a LOT of fluids tonight! Mommy just shook her head and said “this is blog worthy kiddo!”. I opted to just state the facts rather than have it haunt me later! Therapy reason #812!!! Thanks parents!!!!

I mimicked the Exorcist movie “pea soup” scene!!!

This evening was NOT fun! I finished dinner; just finished my bath; was in my bedroom. Mommy and daddy asked me to pick out books but I had a coughing fit while doing so. Instead of sitting still I kept moving around coughing harder and starting to gag a bit. Mommy told me to sit on her lap. Like a good boy, I (finally) listened and sat still on her lap. Then…. well…. let’s just say that while my head didn’t turn completely around I discovered I do like turning it back and forth and back and forth while mimicking the “pea soup” scene from the Exorcist.

After I stopped (and mommy was covered) I got another bath while daddy did “quick cleanup” with several wet towels. I kept telling mommy I was sorry for what I did. Mommy and daddy kept telling me there was no reason to be sorry – sickness happens. Tomorrow mommy (and/or daddy) will have to spray the carpet with something. Maybe the cat “oops” stuff. They don’t want to do it before I go to bed (in case the smell of that makes me feel worse), but if they don’t do it tomorrow then my room will have a funky (nasty!) dairy odor.

Well, I hope I sleep well tonight. Mommy and daddy won’t sleep well because every time they hear me cough they’ll shoot out of bed to check on me.



I know I shouldn’t….

But I’m not sure I can resist…..

This might just be a fun night of torment the ‘rents! 🙂 What do all my peeps think?

Should I torment or be nice? Oh, who am I kidding…. I’m a Gemini. I’ll do both. Torment and then say “sorry” when they check on me. (Repeating that pattern ALL night long!) I’m sooo bad, but sooo good too 🙂 Gotta love us Geminis!!!!

Night all! (‘cept mommy and daddy… see you lots tonight!)

Oh dear… Not a good day…

Well, mommy and daddy were right. Yesterday I slept in until 9 am. (Yes. Me. The one who wakes up before dawn on a regular basis.) I had a 101 fever when I woke up but it was gone within a half hour. Mommy and Daddy decided to be safe and scheduled a doctors appointment for this morning. Yesterday afternoon I took a *long* nap (from 1:45 pm to about 5 pm). I *never* take long naps so mommy and daddy were a bit concerned. I got up from my nap and had a few bites of food but didn’t want to do anything but cuddle on the sofa and watch TV with mommy and daddy. Definitely not my normal self. You all know that normally I’m bouncing around exploring, learning, playing — instead I was lethargic, tired, sad, and pitiful.

So, this morning my doctor appointment rolled around. Turns out there’s a reason I’ve been off. My cough (which actually seemed to be getting better — at least I thought so) has turned into pneumonia. Not a bad case. Mommy and daddy got it caught early so I should recover quickly. But still, not fun! I get to be on Omnicef for a while 🙁

No play with my friends for me in the next few days 🙁 I miss you guys!

Well, I need to head with mommy to go get my ‘scrip. TTYL.