Well, before all the DRAMA of this evening, I was having a grand old time. I have been giggly all day and just in a goofy mood. Most of the evening consisted of me bouncing on the sofa and trying to do headstands on Mommy’s tummy. For someone who has a serious respiratory issue you would think I would be acting sick. NOT ME! I don’t know how to act sick, I know how to be a goofball! I even flipped over my recliner chair and pretended to be a hermit-crab…. soooo me!

Well, at my first bath tonight…

Lately, when Mommy starts the water in the tub I have to go pee. I refuse to do it on the potty so Mommy has just gotten used to cleaning the tub really well. Tonight I grabbed onto my winky and pretended to be a fire hose. I kept saying things like “raise the ladder”, “the wall is on fire”, “put out the fire”, and making all sorts of water squirting hose noises. Meanwhile, I managed to soak the walls and most of the tub… apparently I had a LOT of fluids tonight! Mommy just shook her head and said “this is blog worthy kiddo!”. I opted to just state the facts rather than have it haunt me later! Therapy reason #812!!! Thanks parents!!!!

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