I mimicked the Exorcist movie “pea soup” scene!!!

This evening was NOT fun! I finished dinner; just finished my bath; was in my bedroom. Mommy and daddy asked me to pick out books but I had a coughing fit while doing so. Instead of sitting still I kept moving around coughing harder and starting to gag a bit. Mommy told me to sit on her lap. Like a good boy, I (finally) listened and sat still on her lap. Then…. well…. let’s just say that while my head didn’t turn completely around I discovered I do like turning it back and forth and back and forth while mimicking the “pea soup” scene from the Exorcist.

After I stopped (and mommy was covered) I got another bath while daddy did “quick cleanup” with several wet towels. I kept telling mommy I was sorry for what I did. Mommy and daddy kept telling me there was no reason to be sorry – sickness happens. Tomorrow mommy (and/or daddy) will have to spray the carpet with something. Maybe the cat “oops” stuff. They don’t want to do it before I go to bed (in case the smell of that makes me feel worse), but if they don’t do it tomorrow then my room will have a funky (nasty!) dairy odor.

Well, I hope I sleep well tonight. Mommy and daddy won’t sleep well because every time they hear me cough they’ll shoot out of bed to check on me.



I know I shouldn’t….

But I’m not sure I can resist…..

This might just be a fun night of torment the ‘rents! 🙂 What do all my peeps think?

Should I torment or be nice? Oh, who am I kidding…. I’m a Gemini. I’ll do both. Torment and then say “sorry” when they check on me. (Repeating that pattern ALL night long!) I’m sooo bad, but sooo good too 🙂 Gotta love us Geminis!!!!

Night all! (‘cept mommy and daddy… see you lots tonight!)

2 thoughts on “I mimicked the Exorcist movie “pea soup” scene!!!”

  1. Isn’t it fun to be parents?? Life will never be dull. Hang in there and hope you all feel better soon. Love , Grandma Susie

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