Is there a baby in there…

A few weeks ago while Mommy was going through some clothing that she bought for my baby brother I decided I wanted to wear it. Mommy explained that the zebra shirt and pants wouldn’t fit me and that they were for my baby brother. Mommy then explained that baby brother is still in her tummy. So then I insisted that she EAT the clothing so that my brother could have them.

Daddy sent Mommy this cartoon this week and it reminded her that she failed to help me blog it!

(CLICK TO ENLARGE!) – This comic is from and was posted on 7-Sep-2007. The image is obviously copyright Lynn Johnston Productions Inc.

I guess Mommy & Daddy will have to teach me a bit more about babies. I just don’t get it yet! I DO like to zeerbert (tummy raspberry) Mommy and tickle her tummy. I think my baby brother likes it! Don’t you!???

2 thoughts on “Is there a baby in there…”

  1. Too precious! My kids LOVED the baby listening device with the headphones to listen to Jasmine and then Julianna later. We would let the baby kick things off my tummy to entertain them.! So cute! Good big brother already!

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