Haircut #3

Mommy will probably stop counting my haircuts soon but this is only #3 and I am 27 months old now. Not bad for a kid who came out totally bald like Grandpa Howie! 🙂 hehe

Anyway, here are the pictures that were promised the other day. Mommy finally found a free minute (which means I am actually taking a nap right now) to get them off the camera! 🙂

I was NOT cool with this at all.. But I did finally decide to sit in the airplane. F-22 plane… but that means NOTHING to me!

Once I got a lollipop my time was much better…

Then they played Madagascar in the DVD player… I calmed down and acted if NOONE was cutting my hair… NOONE existed… just the lollipop and the TV.

They didn’t take much from the front and sides… just cleaned it up. But they took a good inch or more off the back.

Mommy said she is having hair withdrawals but knows it will all start to grow a bit more evenly now! I don’t look like too much of a hippie anymore, Sorry Uncle Matt!

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