Charleston, SC for Business…

Daddy had to go to Charleston for business so Mommy and I opted to tag along. We DROVE, yes DROVE, here from Florida. I was a SUPER kid on the way up. Only one time did I get in trouble and it was because I got wound up and was screaming really loud when Daddy was driving. It took us just about 9 hours to get here and that was with stops for gas, diaper changes, food and touristy things.
We stopped just north of the Florida boarder, in Georgia, for lunch.


We found a quaint little town (St. Marys) for lunch and a stroll along the water. I enjoyed looking at all the pigeons and other wildlife.


I am also really BIG into reading signs. I make Mommy & Daddy stop at each one to read it. I am really learning how to put my letters together now. I am slightly obsessed with the ABCs lately.


After lunch and walking we kept driving more. I took a nice nap in the car while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the quiet time. Mommy tried to take a snooze too but Daddy said the sleep vibes were too much and she had to wake up! Oh well! We got to town just around 5pm and checked into the hotel. The first room was smokey, the second room had no tub, the third room was more smokey than the first and finally we settled on room #4. Ugh! Mommy got us unpacked quickly and we headed to find dinner and grocery store to pick up some staples for the week (milk, cereal, fruit…). We had a very interesting dinner at a place called “Fleet Landing”. I wasn’t too fond of anything, but hey I was in a car for 9 hours and had a LOT of energy that never got burned off! Mommy, Daddy and I made a quick trip through Harris Teeters (grocery store) and headed back to the hotel so Daddy could do some last minute work stuff. Bed at 9:30!! Night…

In the morning we went to “Charles Towne Landing”. It is a historic park full of civil war era type stuff, plus an “Animal Forest”.


I enjoyed reading all the signs as we walked around the animal entrapment. I even read the word “forest” with a littttttle help from Daddy! I saw black bear, buffalo (bison), pelicans, spiders, deer, turtles and lots more. It was neat but the mosquitos were HORRID. I got a few bites, Daddy too but Mommy took most of them for us. Her legs are all chewed up from the mosquitos, poor Mommy. Daddy got my stroller and then we walked the historic trails (nearly 2 miles) and enjoyed the many sites. Daddy got locked in the stocks, which Mommy & I thought was rather fitting for him!

I saw a man working in a colonial house making lunch and cleaning his tools. It was getting nice and toasty outside so we called it quits and went back to the hotel. I opted for no nap and finally Daddy had to go to the airport to get some of his co-workers. I fell asleep on the way back up the the room at nearly 3:30. I took a two hour nap and then was WOUND up again. As I woke up I saw Mommy packing all of our things? She said we had to move again. There was apparently a leak in the ceiling dripping down in the bathroom. Daddy said it wasn’t safe and we needed to go to another room. UGH! Room assignment #5! We got all settled in and then hit the road again. Mommy, Daddy & I stopped for Mexican on the second trip to the airport (it wasn’t far away). I behaved HORRID. Mommy had a long talk with me when we got back to the hotel about my behavior and expectations at dinner. I guess I listened to MOST of it. Daddy went to a late dinner with his co-workers and Mommy and I burnt off excess energy bouncing around the swimming pool. I was finally getting tired and Mommy handed me a towel to dry off and I threw it in the pool! Mommy said, “enough is enough, it is time to go back to the room”. I had a bath and a few books with Mommy and then a late bedtime at 9:30 again. Mommy too!
Tuesday we were up with the sun as Daddy went off to his meetings. Mommy & I went to the SC Aquarium.

DSCN0396.JPG It is much smaller than our one back home but I still had a fun time. We went through the entire aquarium three times in about 1 hour. I really enjoyed seeing all the rescued sea turtles.


They had some tiny ones too! The river otters were very fun to watch as they played with “fish-pops” (frozen water with fish inside). I liked seeing all the decorated turtles that go up for auction this weekend.

They are raising money for the aquarium. Mommy and I then drove out and saw the campus of the Citadel and went to a mall. We then drove past a few plantations but couldn’t see much. I was getting tired so back to the room for a nap. I was asleep by 12:45 (first time in weeks!!!!) and slept until nearly 3pm. Mommy was happy because she said she too badly needed the rest. When I got up Mommy and I played in the room until Daddy was ready to go to dinner with his co-workers. We all went to a 6pm dinner at Gerabadi’s. It was a very neat Italian place. Mommy and I had alfredo while everyone else had a beautiful looking flounder. Daddy and a few others didn’t know the fish was two sided and only ate half their meals! OOPS! I picked at Mommy’s dinner but opted for play-doh time instead. Mommy thought I did superb for sitting at a table of adults for over 2 hours! Only a few minor outbursts that were quickly quelled with a new toy or a stern look from Mommy or Daddy. We headed back to the hotel just after 8pm and Mommy got me a quick bath and a few stories while Daddy went to the business center to do some work. I was asleep around 9:30pm again.
Wednesday we were up with the sun again, my choice this time! Mommy and I went to get gas in the mini-van and then drove a short distance to the CML- Children’s Museum of Lowcountry. It didn’t open until 10am so we wandered the downtown area on foot for a while. We had juice boxes at a coffee shop and toured the visitors center. Oh yeah, Mommy yelled (in nice words) at a guy on the road before we got there. She need to take a right at a stop sign at a busy intersection and some IDIOT just stopped at the stop sign right in front of Mommy and put his car in park so he could read his map. There was NO way around him and Mommy kept honking the horn and the guy wouldn’t budge! Finally Mommy just laid on the horn until he eventually put his car in drive, rolled down his window and shot Mommy a bird and then proceeded to drive away. I just sat in the back seat yelling GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!! Mommy said some people just shouldn’t be allowed to drive or breed! Anywho…
I had a WONDERFUL time at the CML. I didn’t want to leave. They had some of the neatest interactive exhibits I have ever seen. The first room had all these balls and ramps.


It was very entertaining to roll the balls and watch them jump and turn and land in buckets.


The next room was a HUGE example of the water cycle and a nice big water table to play in.


I enjoyed lining up the boats on the hooks.


They had a boat race-way too. I got to paint with water on a HUGE chalkboard… probably the longest I have EVER held a paintbrush in my life.


Next there was a shrimp boat.


There was a kitchen to play in and fish to haul up in nets and buckets. I enjoyed driving the boat and pressing all the buttons that made fun things happen like horns honking, windshield wipers and much more. The next room was a mini Publix grocery store. I took two shopping trips the first one was just for veggies


and fruit and the second I only picked out potatoes. I enjoyed playing in the pretend deli and making everyone I saw food.


I would run across the store and yell to strangers “here, try this!!!” and hand them a sandwich or juice or fruit! Then there was a big enclosed soft play area with a few “tree-houses” to climb in. I didn’t last long here because it was all really little kids and Mommy was afraid I would squish them. Then we walked (read as RAN crazy toddler style) to the medieval room where I dressed up as a fair maiden and had Mommy read me a story in the book-nook.


I played with some blocks.


Last there was an art room but I had no interest in art today so we RAN back to some of the other rooms to play more. Finally at 12:30 Mommy said it was time to go get lunch and come back to the hotel for a nap.

Somehow the “do not disturb” sign got put on the door so the room wasn’t clean. Mommy got the cleaning staff right away and they took care of everything. I got down by 1:45 for my nap. I took a nice nap and then Mommy and I walked over to the playground across the street to stretch and run. I really enjoyed myself until the thunderclouds rolled in. I saw lightning WAY off in the distance and insisted that we leave immediately. I bee lined for my stroller and started to buckle up before Mommy caught up with me. I know lightening is SERIOUS stuff. We got back to the hotel without incidence. Then it was time to go to dinner with Daddy and a few co-workers. I started off okay. When we got to the restaurant I went into total obnoxious toddler mode. I “zinged” Mommy’s glasses off her face and onto the floor, twice! I was hitting Mommy and kicking too. Mommy & Daddy said good-bye to his co-workers and we headed back to the car. It just wasn’t my night. We came back to the hotel and had a quick dinner in the lobby. I acted up again during dinner and Mommy & Daddy said no ice cream for me! I got upset but didn’t get my ice cream. Oh well, I THINK I learned a lesson? Just like earlier when I bit Mommy and she said biting is NOT NICE and I then asked how it feels to be bitten. I bit my own arm and actually left marks, I get it now! It HURTS! I was bathed and in bed by 9:00 again. I needed my rest!

Thursday morning Mommy and I hung out in the hotel while Daddy finished his meetings and such. Then we hit the road. I was a bit wound up and opted for a no nap day again. I had a potty accident in my car seat which is probably why I didn’t want to nap. We made a few stops along the way home, nothing major. Finally we crossed the Florida boarded and Daddy wanted to stop at the Welcome Center to get free OJ. He missed it by 15 minutes, sorry Daddy! Daddy got back in the car and stepped on the gas to get up to speed to get back on I-95 and the AC stopped. Just STOPPED! NO AC!!! UGH! The entire drive home was HOT, STICKY and did I mention HOT? Plus it started raining! Rain, rain and more rain! Which meant no open windows, just a HOT humid car! It was NOT fun but we made it home around 9:30. I had fallen asleep at 9:00 in the car and woke up just enough to say night night to Mommy as she plopped me in my tree-house. It was a long day but I am very glad to have my own bed back.

The car is now off to the “doctor” apparently the AC compressor just blew up or something. Hopefully we get the car back soon, I HATE riding in the Beetle! hehe Mommy & Daddy were discussing a new car but I think they will stick with the mini-van until at least when my baby brother comes in January! They are just sick of the service issues with the Honda. Oh well!

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