Rain, rain and more rain…

When I got up this morning I knew it was just going to be “one of those days”. Mommy took a quick shower while I finished my breakfast and milk. I opted to curl up and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I just didn’t want to get going today.


Today I have been off… just off. The rain is still coming down (4 days now). At least Mommy is getting me out to Gymboree so I am not too crazy. But the rain just seems to drain me. I have been “emotional”. Today one of my friends screamed in my face (mind you I do this to him on a daily basis) and I totally LOST it. I cried in Mommy’s lap for 15 minutes. Yesterday a little girl hit me (3 separate times) and I cried and cried. Mommy put a stop to it and the girl got a time out. I swear I am an easy target sometimes. Is it just because I am so nice? I just want to hug! 🙂

So today I think I will just stay in bed after my nap and not move until the sun shines. Good idea? Probably not… Mommy will inevitably drag me back to Gymboree to burn off some juice.

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