Emotional Breakdowns…?

I think this week Mommy & Daddy are seriously working on finding a new home for me with the Gypsies. I have begun a WONDERFUL pouty face (that Mommy said is more funny than sad).
Mommy tried to snap a picture of it in mid-pout but I wasn’t in full pout so it was tough. I manage to stick my lips out like a dying fish and hit a very odd octave as I whine to my hearts content.

Things that have driven me to whine today:
1) My sippy cup was empty
2) I used a giraffe sticker two weeks ago and really miss it
3) The Tarzan movie didn’t start fast enough when we got in the car
4) I pulled sticker off of a piece of paper and the paper ripped (very tiny rip)
5) I couldn’t get my sunglasses on correctly
6) I had 4 snacks and wanted 5
7) I am convinced I need a band-aide and I have a boo-boo. When Mommy asks where I point to all my fingers, my tongue and my knee.
8 ) My Tappy Turtle toy wasn’t in the car (BTW it NEVER is!)
9) Mommy has a boo-boo on her finger and it hurts ME!
10) The cat ran under the bed and I couldn’t reach her to harass her!

So as you can see, little things set me off.

But then 2 minutes later I am the happiest kid on earth.

Things that have made me happy today:
1) The constant phrase “Going to Africa!”
2) Sunglasses once I got them on correctly
3) Shopping at Hyde Park for new puzzles and new animals
4) Doing stickers with Mommy & Daddy
5) The pictures of the giraffes on Mommy’s calendar in the bedroom.
6) Pouring pretend coffee for Daddy, Mommy, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie
7) Getting a “money” for sitting on the potty at Grandma’s house (without the toddler safety ring, I didn’t potty, just sat there!)
8 ) Playing hide & seek with Mommy this morning
9) Giving Daddy hugs in bed to wake him up
10) Tickles.

Things that have made Mommy & Daddy happy:
1) MY NAP!

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