And on his farm there was a Breighton.

Today I went with Mommy & Daddy to do their volunteer hours at the new organic food co-op we joined this year. Sweetwater Organic. Mommy was pessimistic about me being out on the farm and helping but I surprised everyone. While Daddy trimmed some overgrown plants blocking a gate to one of the growing fields I helped Mommy. We swept out the open barn, picked up wood and put it in the trash can, watered the cat (Lucky) and pulled some invasive weeds. I was an AWESOME little helper. I pushed the broom around, dug holes all over the mulch with a little shovel I found by a tree, helped Mommy sort wood (pieces I could pick up with one hand went in the trash bin and pieces that needed two hands to be picked up I stacked on the table so they could be used later), dipped a stick in the watering hose and let the cat lick it and helped another lady carry weeds to a wheel barrow. I enjoyed getting FILTHY. We only stayed for about two hours. I was hungry and hot and so were Mommy & Daddy. Two hours was my limit anyway. I was starting to get too wound up and wandering away became my main focus.

Afterwards we stopped off and grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way home. We came home and all had quick baths and then ran a few errands. I took a nice long nap and felt all rested. We ran a few more errands and then I played a few games with Mommy until dinner time. I heard the ice cream truck and actually got to go get a “special treat” for being such a good boy all day. Daddy bought me a “SpongeBob” (I don’t know who that is, just that it was yellow)popsicle thingy. Mommy let me eat it in the bathtub before my bedtime bath. The entire time I was eating I kept telling Mommy that the ice cream was “DEEEE-licious” and “Tasssstttty”. She just giggled at me. We wrapped up the ice cream treat with a warm bath to get all the sticky off. Mommy and I read a few books while Daddy worked on some food for Grandma Jo’s Birthday Bash tomorrow. I nearly fell asleep while Mommy was reading but soon got my second wind. It is 9:10 and I am still awake. Mommy just turned out my light so I have to stop blogging now.

Good-night! 🙂

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