Note to self:

When I am 18 and have issues where I need to see a “doctor” about them… I just want to remind myself that it all stems from Mommy not asking where I would like her to write my name on my art projects. My Mommy just writes my name and lets me work on my art projects(like any normal Mommy would do). Apparently Mommy is supposed to get my permission first and then ask where I would like my name written? Also she isn’t supposed to write in all capital letters. Silly Mommy again!

Well, I guess my point is… I love my Mommy and am very happy that she spends so much time working with me and playing games and doing fun art. I think Mommy is the best and I love spending time with her. Daddy too… don’t forget.

Yesterday Mommy & Daddy bought me a baby-doll. It is a little baby boy and came with a doctor set. I call him “Baby Brother”. Last night I refused to go to bed because I was having so much fun playing with him. I think I am going to make a GREAT big brother. I thought it was really nice of Mommy and Daddy to make sure I was the first person to find out about the sex of the new baby. Thanks parents! 🙂 You are the greatest.

Water Fun and Push-Pops

Today I woke up in a groggy mood. I haven’t been getting adequate sleep for my activity level. It is catching up with me slowly… at least that is the theory around the house. I missed my Gymboree Music class for the first time in ages, oh well. I even got a few tattoos today (giraffe, panda bear, elephant and a kangaroo!). Mommy and I ran a few errands and I behaved SUPER awesome. Mommy even let me walk at the “puppy store” and “office store”. By nap-time I was past tuckered out and crashed right away, and slept for nearly 3 hours!!!

After my nap Mommy, Daddy & I ran a few more errands and then came home to play. Mommy and I spent a long time in the backyard getting WET! Mommy set up my water table and the sprinkler on the hose. I had fun spraying Mommy and washing my wagon.

Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks and told Mommy I heard the ice cream truck, GO FIGURE! I knocked on the slider and told Daddy to “STOP the ice cream truck”. Daddy bought me a push-pop with Scooby-Doo on it. YUMMY! I really enjoyed it but they melt a LOT faster outside in 95F weather than they do in the bathtub with A/C all around! Oh well.. I was sticky and gross.

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Mommy thinks more was on me than in my mouth!

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Yeah, definitely more…

Mommy helped wash me off

and then kept attacking me while I was riding my tricycle! 🙂 I actually enjoyed it a lot!

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I tooled around for a while but the grass kept getting in my way.

Will have to ride out front next time!

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Afterwards I had a nice bath, a few books and went right to bed. I was tuckered out!

Kitty do it…

Today’s obsession was with my stuffed cat. Well, I guess this started a few days ago. I INSIST that “Kitty” does all my puzzles and reads me all my books. Basically, Mommy &/or Daddy has to hold the kitty puppet and then “Kitty” has to hold the pieces while I teach her where to put the pieces. It is a fun game… today I upped the anti to include my dragon, crab, dolphin, and even Lumpy! Mommy said Kitty is not very skilled at Legos. I still love my Legos and all the neat things Mommy builds me!

I Don’t Know

Ask me any question that I am not quite sure of the answer and I have developed a new habit:

Once asked… I look off into space… rub my chin with my thumb… and say “I don’t know!”

Mommy and Daddy think it is really cute. At least now my answers are not always YES or NONONONONONONONO!

I had a fun weekend playing with the family. Grandma Susie watched me while Mommy & Daddy ran a few errands.

Daddy spent a lot of one on one time so Mommy & Grandma Susie could get some badly needed yardwork done. It looks so much better! 🙂

Not if the stinking weather would just cool off already… why is it still getting hotter out? I want to go outside and play for more than 10 minutes without feeling like I will burst into flames! The joys of Florida!