Water Fun and Push-Pops

Today I woke up in a groggy mood. I haven’t been getting adequate sleep for my activity level. It is catching up with me slowly… at least that is the theory around the house. I missed my Gymboree Music class for the first time in ages, oh well. I even got a few tattoos today (giraffe, panda bear, elephant and a kangaroo!). Mommy and I ran a few errands and I behaved SUPER awesome. Mommy even let me walk at the “puppy store” and “office store”. By nap-time I was past tuckered out and crashed right away, and slept for nearly 3 hours!!!

After my nap Mommy, Daddy & I ran a few more errands and then came home to play. Mommy and I spent a long time in the backyard getting WET! Mommy set up my water table and the sprinkler on the hose. I had fun spraying Mommy and washing my wagon.

Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks and told Mommy I heard the ice cream truck, GO FIGURE! I knocked on the slider and told Daddy to “STOP the ice cream truck”. Daddy bought me a push-pop with Scooby-Doo on it. YUMMY! I really enjoyed it but they melt a LOT faster outside in 95F weather than they do in the bathtub with A/C all around! Oh well.. I was sticky and gross.

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Mommy thinks more was on me than in my mouth!

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Yeah, definitely more…

Mommy helped wash me off

and then kept attacking me while I was riding my tricycle! 🙂 I actually enjoyed it a lot!

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I tooled around for a while but the grass kept getting in my way.

Will have to ride out front next time!

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Afterwards I had a nice bath, a few books and went right to bed. I was tuckered out!

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