Note to self:

When I am 18 and have issues where I need to see a “doctor” about them… I just want to remind myself that it all stems from Mommy not asking where I would like her to write my name on my art projects. My Mommy just writes my name and lets me work on my art projects(like any normal Mommy would do). Apparently Mommy is supposed to get my permission first and then ask where I would like my name written? Also she isn’t supposed to write in all capital letters. Silly Mommy again!

Well, I guess my point is… I love my Mommy and am very happy that she spends so much time working with me and playing games and doing fun art. I think Mommy is the best and I love spending time with her. Daddy too… don’t forget.

Yesterday Mommy & Daddy bought me a baby-doll. It is a little baby boy and came with a doctor set. I call him “Baby Brother”. Last night I refused to go to bed because I was having so much fun playing with him. I think I am going to make a GREAT big brother. I thought it was really nice of Mommy and Daddy to make sure I was the first person to find out about the sex of the new baby. Thanks parents! 🙂 You are the greatest.

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