Growing up?

So where have I left off in my life. Daddy was out of town at “science camp” for an extended weekend. I missed him so very much. I decided that I didn’t need much sleep when he was gone. Which drove Mommy a bit nuts, but she coped with it. I was IN bed at 8 but didn’t fall asleep til nearly 10pm and then I was up between 6:00 and 6:30 daily. Mommy and I tried to stay busy the entire time. We spent Saturday and Sunday morning with Grandma Susie. We shopped, ate food, played games and watched a few cartoons. It was nice to spend some time with her. In the evenings Mommy and I would have a read-a-thon. We would read books for nearly 2 hours. I got to go to the library and pick out a few new books too. I am doing much better at the library lately. I don’t “melt” and run off. I actually even returned my books yesterday with no issues. Normally I don’t like to see them go. But I think I have finally gotten the idea that I return the ones I have read and I get to take home MORE! There are LOTS of animal books at the library. I think I will have them all read by next week! 🙂

Mom and Dad are impressed that I sit for as long as I do and read. I am getting into LONG books lately. I enjoy the stories now as well as the pictures! Today I went with my friend, Lauren, to the library for story time. I had a blast! Last story time I was accosted by a book and STILL have a scar over my eye. Today, much better!!! We sat on our little carpet rectangles and sang songs, read stories and saw a few mini puppet shows. Just about 20 minutes of fun! It was great! Mommy said we will go more often once they start up with the fall schedule. The “teacher” is very structured which helps me a lot. Some of the other library branches have story times that are VERY chaotic, she was great today!

So what else is up in my life?! 🙂 Mom and I got the car washed the other day and the cashier lady gave Mommy change fora $5 bill. The lady counted back to Mommy…1…2….3….4…5…. then I kept going 6….7…..8…9…10! Mommy was shocked, she has been working on numbers for a while but I just don’t seem to get them! She asked me to repeat myself. I, being the smart alick that I am, responded… uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, dies! Mommy slapped her forehead and hugged me. So now, I guess since I slipped up and showed Mommy I could count, I count everything. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish…. sometimes in BOTH! I am a goober grape! 🙂

Potty learning is getting better. I have gotten 2 poppies in the potty and lots of pee-pee. I INSIST that I sit on the potty for about 30 minutes after bath-time now. I don’t always go but Mommy said at least I am comfy with the potty again. I am trying and Mommy isn’t pushing too hard… so that makes it easier. It is on my terms for a while. Mommy said she doesn’t want two kids in diapers. So I have a few more months to get this down… no pressure! 🙂

Well,I guess that is it for now. I am sure I will have man more adventures this week and update them all later when I forget about them. I hear thunder outside so that means the rain is coming… or NOT!

Enjoy your week.

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