How far do “non pareils” roll?

Well, the answer in this lies directly in the amount of chaos that it is likely to cause. Mommy and I were making cookies (slice and bake kind of sugar cookies) tonight in the kitchen while Daddy made dinner. Mommy was patting out the dough for me to cut and decorate. I decided to get a closer look at a full bottle of pastel non-pareils. Well, I wiggled the lid a little and Mommy said ” Hold on Mommy will help.” At the last word of her statement I managed to get the container open and send hundreds, no THOUSANDS, maybe MILLIONS of little tiny pastel colored balls ALL over the kitchen. It was AMAZING how far they rolled when I swept to the floor the ones that managed to land on the counter. Mommy and Daddy gave out a big sigh and started to clean up a bit. Mommy finished helping with the cookies and then washed my feet (because I managed to get them all over my cooking stand thusly all over my feet!) Mommy sat me in front of the TV on the sofa a told me “DON’T MOVE!” *sigh*

Daddy swept the floor and Mommy vacuumed up the disaster! Mommy said we will probably find rogue ones all over the house for a few days or weeks! So far we have stepped on quite a few. I think they hid under invisible dust bunnies or just got scared of the vacuum and are just not venturing out.

Either way… NO MORE non-pareils unless Mommy tightens the lid for me.

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