Calamari, Dolphins and Potty Success

Today was a fun packed day. This morning I went to Gymboree art class and we made bears again! 🙂 I LOVE the song “The Bear Went Over The Mountain” and ask Mommy to sing it all the time now. I took a good nap and so did Mommy. We were tuckered out from a lot of fun play with Legos again today.

After my nap we played a bit and then went to Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill at Clearwater Beach. I really enjoyed running in the sand and chasing the seagulls. I ate a few bites of calamari and really enjoyed it.

I wasn’t too keen on my grouper nuggets but I did enjoy Mommy’s fried clam strips. Chewy and yummy! Grandpa Howie, Grandma Jo, Cousin Micki, Daddy, Mommy and I all enjoyed the heat and the pretty view. Then we all loaded in the car and went over to the main beach area and wandered around a while…had an ice cream too!… and waited for the dolphin boat at 7pm. Mommy was a bit on the nervous side.. keeping track of me on a boat wasn’t the issue…rather keeping track of me on a boat after my normal bedtime! 🙂

Me with Cousin Micki

The trip was absolutely fantastic. Mommy said having lived here over 20 years she was surprised that she hadn’t done this before. We got on the boat and tooled around the inter-coastal for about 20 minutes and then found some DOLPHINS. They were a bit far and not coming up high so it was hard for me to see. I did see them a few times. Soon another boat (probably a partnership with the one we were on) showed up and made a HUGE wake and we raced along side the other boat. The dolphins were jumping 10 feet in the air and doing side flips. It was amazing! I was totally shocked to see the “mommy dolphin, daddy dolphin and baby dolphin” doing all sorts of neat tricks for us. (Mommy said it wasn’t a baby, all three were the same size… but I like to think everything is mommy, daddy and baby!) After the dolphins got bored in the wake of our boat we floated down the waterway and looked at all the HUGE homes. We saw a LOT of famous peoples HUGE houses… including John Travolta, Hulk Hogan, the guy that owns Outback, and a bunch more that I have forgotten already! People have no business having homes that big… none at ALL!

Our trip took us to a tiny little island to look for shells. I had a blast picking up shells and putting them in the bag. It kept getting too heavy so I would dump it and start again. I really enjoyed myself. I found a lot of neat shells.

Some neat shells….

The boat we were on, the inter-coastal skyline and ME

Picking more shells

I found PIRATE treasure… there were gold coins! (Mommy said it was a secret where they come from *shrug*)

I see a shell WAY over there that I want…

A crab daddy found…

Cousin Micki looking for shells…

This one looks just right…

This one too….

and this one… I am getting tired but having SO much fun!

Micki gathering the last of the shells… I think we took them ALL!

The first mate, Ron, found a sea urchin, a whelk, a crab and a few other things in the water to show us. Cousin Micki found a LOT of neat shells and I enjoyed looking at those when we got back on the boat. We had about 25 minutes to shell and then all aboard!

We then went out towards Sand Key Causeway and watched the sunset. There were more dolphins in the distance but I could barely see them.

We got back to land around 8:30 and all piled in the car and headed home. When we got home I took Mommy’s finger and led her right to the bathroom. I walked in and said “POOPIES”. Mommy stripped me and set me on the potty and I did pee-pee immediatly. Then refused to get off the potty seat. I told Mommy I wanted to read the animal book (she keeps an animal book by the potty for when I just don’t want to go and would rather just sit). Mommy has been working hard all week to get me comfy with the potty again. Well, she handed me the book and I flipped to the giraffe and got this HUGE grin and said “Diego Racetrack” and PLOP! I finally successfully put poopies in the big boy potty. I knew my reward and reminded Mommy instantly! 🙂 She will have to take me to Target tomorrow for my new Diego Racetrack! 🙂 YIPPIE!

So it was a good day!

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