Hang tight

Things are going well here but not in the land of computers. Daddy’s new harddrive should be here today and then one he gets everything reinstalled the photos should be available for Mommy to get them up in the blog. Well, at least that is how things should have worked. Mommy’s hardrive bit the dust the other day too! She is using the old piece of junk laptop to blog and has very limited access. Sorry! 🙁

So it was for those who were keeping track:
-Fish tank pump malfunction
-Alarm Motion Sensor malfunction
-Lawn Mower carborator clogged and bad spark plugs
-Broken lamp
-Chopped off sprinkler heads
-Daddy’s laptop harddrive
-Mommy’s laptop harddrive
-Mommy’s ears STILL not clear from last weeks plane flight

All this and I have a birthday party on Saturday that we haven’t really begun to get ready for!


Such is life.

Good news, I passed my 2 year physical yesterday with flying colors. I impressed the Dr by being able to tellt he difference between a baby goat and a baby sheep! I do love my animals. So what if I can’t do my alphabet or count to ten. I know more animals than most adults at this point!!! 🙂

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