One more night in Barcelona.

We got off the ship pretty early and headed for the hotel at the airport.

We dropped our stuff in the rooms and then all headed to the Barcelona Aquarium.
I really enjoyed the Aquarium a LOT.

Mommy and I almost got eaten alive by a shark!!
Dsc 3971

They had a neat indoor walkway lined with near tropical plants. It was very soothing.
Dsc 3987

I played in a submarine.
Dsc 4027
I pressed EVERY button.
Dsc 4036
Mommy nearly lost her head!
Dsc 4031

I crawled through a tunnel and looked a fish.
Dsc 4076

Then I went up top and tried to POKE the fish. I got in trouble. Sorry!
Dsc 4103

I found buttons that if you push they made crazy animal sounds and made all sorts of other weird things happen. I couldn’t get enough of it! 🙂
Dsc 4040
I found MORE buttons to push. Hehe…. I like pushing buttons… Especially Mommy’s buttons after a long day! 🙂
Dsc 4014

We finished up and walked around the mall for a bit. We saw a lot of shoplifters. Strange. The mall was very tight security but people were just brazen. Oh well! Maybe that is why the dollar to euro is pretty bad!

We walked around outside until we found the taxi stand and got a ride to the hotel and crashed for the night.
(Outside the mall waiting for the taxi)
Dsc 4128

Dsc 4120

Tomorrow is good-bye Barcelona. I can’t wait to get home! 🙂

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