Dip Stick… Dipstick?

Yes. Daddy thinks I am a dipstick today! 🙂 So my morning started out super fun! I did AWESOME at swimming. Despite the instructor saying I m still a bit stiff because of teething, I am doing great at my swim float swim sequences. Today I swam about 10 feet to the wall of the pool. Super job for me! 🙂 I even got a neat pirate temporary tattoo for being such a good little swim-swimer today.

After swim we came home and got Daddy for art class. Today we are working on planes! WAY COOL! I am going to fly on a plane soon so Mommy & Daddy talk a lot about airplanes to me. The first art project was neat… we painted the sky, put on cotton-ball clouds and glued airplanes in our sky! 🙂 I then decided that I didn’t want to do anything that Mommy & Daddy asked of me. I threw a glob of play-doh at Mommy’s face and assisted in breaking her glasses. (Tonight she will go order new ones, she got the pair temporarily fixed with mis-matched parts for the time being). Needless to say I was already in time out when the glasses broke the worst. Sorry Mommy!

We were all finishing up snack time (goldfish and water) and I opted for the fast track to snack time and shoved all my fish in at one time. Ugh! Chew chew chew. Meanwhile, the teacher was setting up the next project and had laid out some popsicle sticks and a cup of glue. Here is where I became a dipstick. I grabbed the stick and put it in the glue cup (I dipped the stick) and then right INTO my mouth(dipstick) full of goldfish crackers. Well, glue is NASTY tasting. I spit out a little… Daddy went to get a paper-towel to clean me up and right before he started cleaning…BLLLLLAHHHHHHHHH! I spit out the rest of the crackers and gagged and threw up all over myself and Mommy. Boy was THAT unpleasant. Mommy said, as she was mopping up the ick from herself, that is why we don’t eat glue! I guess she was right about that one, sometimes my parents actually ARE smart and correct about things… go figure!!!

I got a quick bath after class and am off for a nap. After my nap I insist that I go to the “nature park”. Mommy said we will have to talk about it later because she needs to go get new glasses now! UGH!

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