Hmm… I think I get the whole “money” thing

Mommy and Daddy think they take me shopping too much. When we go to Super Target, I always ask for juice & cookies. Sometimes mommy & daddy will buy me a juice box and a box of Target animal crackers from the “food avenue” area (snack bar area). Well, a few days ago I wanted a wallet of my own. So, mommy gave me one of her extra ones and daddy gave me $2. Both mommy and daddy told me it was for me to use to buy juice & cookies at Super Target. So, a few days have passed and today while Daddy was watching me before work started, I got my wallet, and told daddy my money was “stuck” in the wallet. Daddy got my money out and I took one of the two dollars and handed it to daddy and told him “money juice B get juice”. Daddy wasn’t quite sure how to react. Should he tell me great job for understanding the concept of money or think that I was already trying to buy him off and get around the rule of having to eat my breakfast if I wanted any treats…. Daddy struck a compromise and told me he was very proud of me but that I still had to eat breakfast and the juice money was only for spending at Super Target. Oh bother. Well, at least I had fun with Daddy before he went to work!

One thought on “Hmm… I think I get the whole “money” thing”

  1. I got paid $1 this afternoon when I gave the boy milk and cookies. What is the true question… Does he understand commerce OR is he just paying us off? *sigh* I refunded the $1 and told him to save it for Target…he doesn’t have to pay for cookies at home.
    PS: Remember to tell Daddy that B likes Target popcorn more than cookies! 🙂

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